Sensor thermometers


Medel’s Sensor thermometers use the latest specially patented technology to guarantee precise reliable reading. The sensor technology makes it possible to calculate the exact level of heat given off by the blood vessels on the skin surface, making each reading truly accurate. These ultra-modern thermometers are extremely fast and user-friendly too, giving readings in just 6-8 seconds. Designed for taking readings from the forehead or armpit they are ideal for all the family. Sensor has an easy-read display screen that lights up so you can read it even in poorly lit rooms, and it has an acoustic alarm that beeps at the end of each reading. This handy ergonomic design is not too big, so it is easy to store and take with you on your travels.

Digital thermometers


Medel digital thermometers, have been specially designed for taking quick, easy and accurate readings. The heat measured on the skin surface is picked up by the sensor which transfers the reading to a chip and elaborates the data which is then shown on the display screen. These devices give rapid accurate readings and can be used to take temperature readings in various different parts of the body (rectal, axillary). All of the thermometers have large easy-to-read display screens and have an acoustic alarm that beeps when each reading is complete. These simple user-friendly devices can be relied upon thanks to Medel’s ongoing commitment to research and innovation.

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