Oral Hygiene

Dental water jets


Dental water jet devices are the best way to clean between your teeth to remove plaque whilst giving your gums a gentle massage. Use together with a toothbrush and floss for perfect oral hygiene. Strong jets of water loosen trapped food and plaque in even the hardest to reach parts of the mouth. Professional dental water jets should have their own water tank and direct connection the plug socket for constant high power. Cordless devices are quicker and easier to use. Water jets are ideal for use with braces and dental prostheses as they help clean even the most difficult spots. Use with care keeping pressure low for the gentlest of gum massages.

Sonic electric toothbrushes

These advanced technology toothbrushes use “sonic vibrations” moving the brush head ultra fast from side to side. Thousands of high frequency motions per minute improve fluid dynamics, (i.e. help the brush head to stimulate saliva around the teeth) which, in turn helps remove plaque for a deep effective cleaning, and a gentle gum massage. For a cleaning action which is up to 50% more effective than when using traditional toothbrushes. The best sonic toothbrushes offer more than 30.000 high frequency strokes per minute with a brushstroke pressure which is 5 times greater on average than that of traditional toothbrushes.

Electric steriliser


This device sterilises toothbrushes using ultra-violet light. Offering a safe way to get rid of 99% of germs and bacteria that build up in damp toothbrushes. Ideal for use on both traditional and electric toothbrushes. Look for cordless devices with short programme cycles for best results

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