Warm steam humidifiers

These devices use electrodes to boil the water. The hot steam permeates the atmosphere restoring each area to a correct level of humidity. These devices offer a great level of comfort as the warm steam helps distribute the humid air evenly through the whole area. You can also add a few drops of essential oils or balsamic medication to the special aromatherapy tray.


Ultrasonic warm steam humidifiers

These devices offer the most advanced technology. Compared with traditional ultrasonic devices they are even more effective when it comes to improving levels of humidity*, this is because the tepid steam spreads in a micro fine mist with a better distribution than in earlier models. What is more, unlike most traditional ultrasonic humidifiers, these devices will not steam up windows, walls and furniture with excessive condensation. They are extremely quiet and highly eco-friendly with an especially low energy consumption.

Warm mist humidifiers with electric element

These devices boil water as it comes into contact with an electric element, the steam is then cooled by the built-in fan. This innovative technology means that the warm steam will never be burning hot. The device offers great levels of humidity yet does not steam up walls, windows and furniture with excessive condensation.

* The ultrasonic humidifiers use a piezoelectric transducer to break down the water into fine particles so that you get an ultra-fine mist which can then spread easily through the atmosphere raising humidity levels. This type of technology offers the following advantages: super quiet, low-energy consumption, great levels of humidity. Advantages for the electric steam humidifiers include the fact that they obtain steam by first boiling the water, and also they tend to create less condensation deposits

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