Pedometers and personal trainers

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Pedometers are devices that measure the number of steps we take, telling us how far we have walked and which can also keep check on some of the body’s various rates making them an invaluable aid when it comes to improving basic fitness. Look for ones that are simple to use (where all you need to do is key in your personal details and start walking) maybe setting yourself a new target or number of calories to burn off each day.

These are innovative designs which make the most of the latest technology when it comes to calculating, measuring and keeping track of key data. You can monitor the number of calories you burn, the speed and distance covered (walking or running) during the whole day. These are especially useful for anyone who decides to keep fit simply by walking more. Make sure to look out for monitors which have 3D sensors able to keep an accurate record of every step you take. Using these devices together with a balanced healthy diet can help you to keep in great shape.

Heart rate monitors

Heart rate monitors are part of standard equipment used by athletes at every level. They are extremely useful for maximising performance during training and can be used to make sure that strength and exercise intensity are at the right level for you allowing you to train hard whilst remaining safely within your maximum heart rate. More and more often, it is possible to find heart monitors which also let you keep track of other aspects of your performance using 3D sensors and GPS systems to track speed, distance and count each step you take; these advanced devices can even download or upload data directly from your computer with suggested routes and training tips.

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Muscle stimulators

These devices use TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to help improve muscle tone by stimulating the muscles below the skin surface. The most advanced muscle stimulators offer more than one channel for independent use, and operate using a compensated biphasic square wave for increased efficiency. Muscle stimulators with just two channels are simple and user friendly for use in the home, whilst the four channel stimulators, with a larger number of programmes, are generally used as part of a training programme in gyms or used by professional such as Physiotherapists. Always consult a doctor or trained specialist before using these devices on your own.

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