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Medel blood pressure monitors


Our blood pressure monitors undergo clinical trials for certification by the following key institutes (ESH-BHS-AAMI) this certification bears witness to the highest level of precision and reliability. Even in the most difficult situations you can count on a reliable reading.

Some monitors even have a special T3 function, which makes it possible, with as little fuss as possible, to automatically calculate the average of the last three reading taken so that your readings will be as accurate as possible.*

Each device has been carefully studied so that it is truly user-friendly. With a minimum of commands and just one on/off switch to make sure that taking a reading is as simple as possible, so you can check your readings quickly and accurately.

Aneroid Self

The monitors are specially designed to make pressure readings easy, with a large display screen to ensure that all the figures can be easily read.

Our monitors are accurate enough to meet the standards of professional devices.

*Recent clinical trials have shown that readings of blood pressure can be influenced by a number of factors, including both where measurements are taken, and which devices are used; one of the best ways to deal with this fluctuation is to take a series of readings and then calculate the average from these. Readings should be taken at a distance of a few minutes apart to allow blood flow to return to normal.

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