Scales & Heating Pads

Scales and Heating Pads

Despite the increased awareness of body image and the need for better health in most developed countries, recent studies have shown that we are getting bigger! The number of clinically obese people has soared to over one thousand million worldwide: in some countries only half the population can report a healthy weight.

There are two reasons for this, both the increasing availability of abundant quantities of food, and a ever more sedentary lifestyle. For a rough guide to your ideal body weight you can simply check height versus weight charts, although a more accurate indication can be obtained using the Body Mass Index (BMI): Weight (kg)/height (m2) which is now a reliable indicator of your total body fat. However, you should bear in mind that as your total body weight will always be a combination of skeletal mass, muscle and fat, using traditional scales will never be able to give a result that gives you an exact breakdown.

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Medel Kitchen

Digital Food Scale 

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Medel Caldo Piu

Regular Classic Heating Pad 

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Medel Caldo Piu

Cervical Heating Pad 

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Medel Libra Cult

Analogue Bathroom Scale 

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Medel Crystal

Digital Bathroom Scale 

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Medel Bodytech

Hand Held Digital Fat and Body Analyser 

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Medel Digimass

Digital Scale with Body Mass Calculator 

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